All-in-One Community Management

Perfect for Cycling Clubs, Running Clubs, Fishing Clubs, Investment Clubs and Meet-Up Clubs

Seraclub is a one-stop-shop for managing your community, members, membership fees, newsletters and online shop for kit or events.

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Your community members can simply register and begin browsing your website in minutes. Features can be optionally locked behind paid membership or user registration requirements.

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New Member Acquisition

The focus of your community is not only on how to handle your existing members, but also how to acquire new members. Seraclub is optomised for both existing members and new members and intended to be a self-selling platform to attract new members to your community or club.

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The Shop (eCommerce)​

Most clubs and communities have their own kit store or deals for event entrances. Your community should be no different. Even if you are going in to this without a store, it's always a great opportunity to start thinking about how you may be able to benefit from having an online store and to increase revenue to keep your club or community alive and strong.

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Seraclub has newsletter posting functionality built-in and the ability to publish newsletters to the e-mail inbox of your community or club members as a value-added service.

Newsletters can be set to be visible to everyone, or just to members. You can also publish multiple newsletters, some for members and some for non-members. There's a lot of customisation available.

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Dedicating the resources to manage support requests from your community can be quite time-consuming.
With Seraclub, all support queries go directly to your Account Manager.
If the support request is something we can solve, we'll fix it and reply to the request.
If the support request is something we can't solve, or if it relates to sales or presales, we'll forward it on to you.

  • Registration and login process.
  • Allow members to pay their fees online.
  • Ability to store next of kin, medical aid information or anything related to the well-being of your members.
  • Publish Newsletters.
  • Online shop for club kit and event tickets.
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports available.
  • We provide support to your members, on your behalf.
  • User-friendly and for all ages.

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