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Simple Website

Simple Blog

Online Shop


Design Guide

An interactive page showcasing the colour schemes & design rules you can expect for your website.

Home Page

The first page most users see when they land on your website for the first time.

Responsive Design

Your website will be compatible with all modern devices, from mobile to desktop and everything in-between.

Analytics Tools

The ability to view how your users are interacting with your website, which pages are performing and which pages are not.

1 on 1 Brainstorm

Spend an hour with Seraflux chatting about expectations and vision to spec out a great solution for your website.

Focus Group

Create & Publish Blogs

The ability to write and publish blog posts at any time. Includes the page for reading articles as well as the category pages for displaying posts to users.

Contact Us Page

Allow users to make contact with you through your contact page.

Custom Pages

Examples of this would be "About Us", "Meet the team"


per page

2 For Free


per page thereafter

2 For Free


per page thereafter

4 For Free


per page thereafter










Not Included in the default price

POPIA/GDPR Compliance

Includes Privacy Policy + Cookie Notice.
Fully audited by an outsourced legal team


Multi Language

Excludes Translation Services


SMTP Brokering

Sending of transactional emails. (EG: to notify users of a registration/purchas or to notify your staff of a registration/purchase).

R500/1000 emails per month

Blog & Content Writing

Strictly no AI content.

R800/500 words

E-commerce Stock

Uploading of e-commerce stock.

R100 per 5 products

The Fine Print

All pricing above requires an associated hosting package.

Avoiding Hidden Costs

We can’t stand hidden costs, avoiding them is our primary objective. That being said, although the prices above are a very realistic idea of what needs to be paid to get your website up, it is important to realise that there are other maintenance and running costs that are required in order to keep a website.

A domain is your unique identifier that can be used to access your website, just like is how you would access us. Domains are registered through a Domain Registry and maintained by a “Domain Administrator”.


The costs associated with domains are usually billed on a year-by-year basis and tend to be unavoidable. We facilitate the creation, transferral and renewal of your website domain.

In order to provide a website for your users to access, you need to have a machine running somewhere, ready to serve your website files, this is a cost that we handle on a month-by-month basis. It is important to prepare yourself for this bill and budget for it on a month-to-month. 


With any hosting, you get what you pay for, our hosting packages are all “managed”, which means that we handle everything for you from end-to-end so that you never have to lose sleep over infrastructure or get involved in any complicated tech-talk.