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Braaibroekie/braai brokie/braaibroekies (number 1 spot on Google) Audience size > 1000
Vadoek Broek (number 1 spot on Google), Audience size > 200
dishcloth (position 47), Audience size > 700 [WE NEED TO BOOST THIS ONE]
pant (position 12), Audience size > 5000
lappie (position 79), Audience Size > 300
nifty gifts South Africa (position 40) Audience Size > 400
gifts for men/gifts for menu ideas (position not ranking at all) Audience Size > 15,000

6/15 Pages have too little content. Google will rank you lower because of credibility issues associated with low content volumes.
2/15 Pages have malformed HTML. The header portion of the web page is the most important and cannot contain duplicate tags otherwise it will results in invalid HTML and Google will lose context of your page.
1/15 Pages lack sufficient heading which loses context of your page when crawled.
4/15 Pages have no description, meaning Google isn’t able to provide a sellable preview to potential customers.
2/15 pages are not SEO friendly as their URLs are too unreadable for a human (and therefore, for Google) to contextualise.

Quality: 5/6
netwerk24 (high quality)
capetalk (high quality)
teddit (average toxic)
nong3narak (toxic)
sidehustleza (low ranking medium quality)
bsfees (low ranking medium quality)

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