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The answer is Seraflux

Businesses, whether large or small, undergo constant transitions. Enterprises encounter challenges post-acquisitions or restructures, while SMEs face hurdles when growth intersects with digital demands.


Digital needs often lead to headaches, with constant ideas and product pitches pushing unnecessary solutions. Introducing measurables: factual insights easing the pain of digital investments.


Stop blindly spending on stability or performance without understanding the impact. Seraflux offers transparent reports detailing budget allocation.


Investing in your website doesn’t always yield financial returns. Like an insurance premium, it requires careful measurement and optimization for beneficial outcomes, which we provide.


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Whether you have an existing website or need a new website.

Start with a 1 on 1, let us introduce analytics tools and provide you with information that allows you to be reactive to your customers.


You've heard it everywhere. Search Engine Optimisation is the only way to connect your busines to search engines.

Let's get you on the first page of Google.

Managed Hosting

Never worry about your web hosting again.

Let us decide on your infrastructure based on informed decisions and analysis.

Website Handover

Move your website to a modern solution.

Let us perform a marketing analysis and collaborate on a path forward.


React to your market with a high-level overview of your traffic.

Leverage daily, weekly and monthly reporting, optimised for your niche.


You shouldn't have to struggle. We can set you up on state-of-the-art email and business tools.

Get started with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and enjoy one less stress to worry about.

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Sending emails from your website has never been easier!

A WordPress plugin used to send emails from your contact form. Backed by enterprise grade infrastructure with a pricing model that leaves no question unanswered.


All-in-one Community Management platform for Clubs, Groups, Non-profits and communities.