Accelerate Your Existing Website

💸 The Grudge Purchase

As the owner of a website, you probably feel the grudge purchase that is your website.

Most website providers will hide this “grudge purchase” by offering marketing-bells-and-whistles that don’t offer any real value to your business.

🧊 Stability & Performance

As most of our existing clients will tell you, your website never has to be slow. Throwing money at additional infrastructure is not always the answer.

Working on assumptions can cause a lot of needless expense. Diagnosing performance issues down to the most granular level is where you are able to achieve real cost saving on your product.

☁️ Time to move to the cloud

If you are truly on the cloud then you should be on a “pay-per-use” agreement. This means that you only pay for the clients that visit your website. It’s an extremely useful way to scale your business and your infrastructure costs.


A lot of the time we think that the R300 per month shared web hosting is sufficient, but if you are really wanting to take your business to the next level, you need to get on the cloud.


Seraflux is proudly associated with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

It takes, roughly, 45 minutes for us to better understand your business needs.

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