Career Boost: Why Learning Python is a Smart Move in 2024.

New year, new opportunities! Thinking about trying out a career in tech? Or maybe you’re already in, but want to learn a new programming language? Let’s take a closer look at Python and see why it’s making waves in the tech world!

Even Kids Can Master Python!

According to the developers of python themselves they claim and  I quote “ Fortunately an experienced programmer in any programming language (whatever it may be) can pick up Python very quickly. It’s also easy for beginners to use and learn, so jump in!“

Python’s simplicity makes it an ideal language, especially for children learning to code. ALLEN IntelliBrain, an educational platform focused on childhood development, strongly advocates for Python as the top choice due to its accessibility. Python’s syntax mirrors everyday English, enhancing readability and comprehension, while its minimalist approach requires fewer lines of code. Furthermore, Python benefits from a vast community and abundant resources, contributing to its appeal for learners of all ages.

Python is in high demand

Now that we have established that python is easy, you might be wondering , is it worth it? Well , Python is in high demand so opportunities are limitless.

The TIOBE Index, or TIOBE Programming Community index, is a measure that assesses the popularity of programming languages based on their search engine rankings and online presence. Their latest results dated on February 2024 clearly indicates that python is crowned as king and has been reigning for years  Table below shows the latest statistics.

Feb 2024Feb 2023ChangeProgramming LanguageRatingsChange
11Python pagePython15.16%-0.32%
22C pageC10.97%-4.41%
33C++ pageC++10.53%-3.40%
44Java pageJava8.88%-4.33%
55C# pageC#7.53%+1.15%
67changeJavaScript pageJavaScript3.17%+0.64%
78changeSQL pageSQL1.82%-0.30%
811changeGo pageGo1.73%+0.61%
96changeVisual Basic pageVisual Basic1.52%-2.62%
1010PHP pagePHP1.51%+0.21%
1124changeFortran pageFortran1.40%+0.82%
1214changeDelphi/Object Pascal pageDelphi/Object Pascal1.40%+0.45%
1313MATLAB pageMATLAB1.26%+0.27%
149changeAssembly language pageAssembly language1.19%-0.19%
1518changeScratch pageScratch1.18%+0.42%
1733changeKotlin pageKotlin1.07%+0.76%
1820changeRust pageRust1.05%+0.35%
1930changeCOBOL pageCOBOL1.01%+0.60%
2016changeRuby pageRuby0.99%+0.17%
TIOBE Index 2024

TIOBE Programming Community Index


Python exhibits versatility.

Python, renowned for its versatility, seamlessly adapts to a diverse range of applications, making it a go-to language across various fields.

In the dynamic landscape of technology, data science has emerged as an influential domain, often hailed as the “sexiest job of the century.” Python, armed with built-in mathematical libraries and functions, streamlines the resolution of mathematical challenges and facilitates data analysis.

The impact of Python extends into cutting-edge fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its significance is underscored by the widespread use of libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn.

In the realm of web development, Python assumes a crucial role, particularly in backend development. Frameworks like Django and Flask contribute to the efficiency of the development process.

Python’s versatility is further underscored in software development, where it proves invaluable for scripting, automation, and testing. Beyond traditional applications, Python emerges as a strong contender in game development, supported by libraries such as PyGame and tkinter.

Python has secured its place in the tech landscape, being extensively used by major companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram for tasks ranging from web development to backend services. Spotify, Dropbox, and Netflix also harness Python’s capabilities, while NASA relies on it for scientific computing. The language’s readability and rich libraries make it a preferred choice, demonstrating its versatility across various industries and applications in leading corporations.Ultimately, acquiring proficiency in Python could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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