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Frustrated with your website performance?

It's normal when transitioning your business

Businesses are always transitioning. Enterprise face pain points during post-acquisitions or restructures, while SMEs struggle as growth intersects with digital needs.


Digital needs often bring headaches, tempting you to avoid necessary solutions. Especially when sales people are bashing down your door to sell you the next best thing that doesn’t make any sense. But there’s a better way. Introducing measurables, facts that ease the pain of these necessary digital investments.


Stop blindly spending on stability or performance without knowing where your budget goes or the benefits it brings. Seraflux offers more than a service; we provide reports that transparently show where your budget is used.


Investing in your website doesn’t always guarantee financial returns, much like an insurance premium. But with our guidance, we’ll measure and optimise your business requirements for transparent, beneficial outcomes.

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Website Handover

Move your website to a modern solutions.

Let us perform a marketing analysis and collaborate on a path forward.


React to your market with a high-level overview of your traffic.

Leverage daily, weekly and monthly reporting, optimised for your niche.


You shouldn't have to struggle. We can set you up on state-of-the-art email and business tools.

Get started with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and enjoy one less stress to worry about.


You've heard it everywhere. Search Engine Optimisation is the only way to connect your busines to search engines.

Let's get you on the first page of Google.

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Discover your pipeline.

Your Website

This is the foundation of your digital reach. We begin by ensuring your website is SEO friendly


Being able to quantify interactions on your website and social media channels will allow you to plan a marketing strategy with an optimal budget

The Journey

One of the most important things about developing a Marketing Strategy is timing


Now that your website is trending organically we can focus on optimising your marketing funnel process.

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